IEP Snap Shot – Prepping for the School Year!

Hello everyone,

Is summer flying by or what?!

As school is approaching so quick, I wanted to share a resource with you as I am getting organized for this coming school year.

This resource is a page where you can write down when IEPs are due, the goals that are being worked on, the accommodations, and any other notes or tidbits that are helpful as you are working in a school setting! All in one spot, so it can be in a student file, and you do not need to login to the online system every time you need to look something up!Capture

I know in my past experiences, I have spent ample time logging into our Special Education website system, finding the corresponding student, finding the specific part in their IEP that I am looking for, and then probably repeating the process how many times over the course of the school year? Hopefully this resource will help you become more efficient with your time in your life as a busy SLP!

You can download it here or by clicking  one of the links below.

iep snap shot

I hope you find this resource as helpful as I do and saves you some time throughout the school year! Any feedback would be awesome. Thank you!



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