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As my fellow SLP blogger, Peachie Speechie, says, “because speech language voice swallowing fluency pragmatics cognitive communication modalities pathologist wouldn’t fit on my ID badge.” Isn’t this the truth? What speech-language pathologists do on a daily basis is so much more than just words. Our scope of practice is so broad as we are helping everyone find a voice and communicate to their fullest potential.

Thank you for visiting my blog and welcome! Working in this profession where we are changing the world one world at a time and giving people voices is, in my opinion, the best profession in the world! I absolutely love my job, and there is no doubt that I picked the absolute right profession for me. But however, I feel like not many people know about what we do or about our profession. At times I get asked about what a speech language pathologist does, most people think we work with kids on their /r/, /s/, and /l/. However, although this may be the case at times, we as speech-language pathologists do so much more than that!

It is my goal to provide education and information to those who may not know what speech-language pathologists can do as well as to come up with unique and creative therapy ideas to help our students continue to communicate to their full potential and reach their goals as stated on their individual education plans! I am so happy you found me, and I hope that you can use the information on this blog at take it back to your therapy room or classroom. If there is anything that you would like me to cover or write about or make a resource for, please comment below or feel free to contact me.

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