Crocodile Dentist Freebie

Crocodile Dentist Freebie

I recently finished a freebie to be used with a game I LOVE to use in speech therapy to target a variety goals based on student’s needs-Crocodile Dentist! You can buy this game at any retail store or on Amazon. I received my game as a farewall and parting gift as  I was completing my school internship in a school (shoutout to Christy-thank you!) Since then, it has become one of my favorite games to use in therapy, and I hope you can use this resource to help meet your student’s needs!

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With this freebie, you can either use it in correspondence with the popular game, Crocodile Dentist, or on its own. You an use either chipper chat chips or play doh to make it more hands on. In this freebie, it is only initial /k/, but please look for bundles in the next few weeks as I continue to create more resources to be used in the classroom for speech and language therapy.

Crocodile Dentist Freebie

Please download this resource from my store on Teachers Pay Teachers:

I hope you enjoy it and it can be used to target your student’s needs.

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